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Where Are the Hatfield and Mccoy Trails

The Hatfield and McCoy Trails are popular recreational trails that offer thrilling outdoor experiences for off-road enthusiasts. With their picturesque landscapes and diverse trail options, they attract visitors from all over. Here is what you need to know about the location, trail options, difficulty levels, permits and regulations, amenities, and some essential tips for visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails.

Located in both West Virginia and Kentucky, the Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer a wide range of trail options and features. In West Virginia, you’ll find scenic trails that wind through the beautiful mountains and valleys, while the trails in Kentucky showcase the region’s natural beauty and historical landmarks.

When it comes to the types of trails available, you can expect a variety of options that cater to different preferences and skill levels. From smooth and easy trails perfect for beginners to challenging terrains that test the skills of experienced riders, there is something for everyone.

Not only do the Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer thrilling off-road experiences, but they also provide opportunities to immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural attractions along the way. From stunning vistas and scenic overlooks to serene waterfalls and charming creeks, the trails offer a chance to appreciate the region’s natural beauty.

As with any recreational trail, the Hatfield and McCoy Trails have different difficulty levels to accommodate riders of varying expertise. You’ll find easy trails that are suitable for beginners, moderate trails that offer a bit more of a challenge, and difficult trails that require advanced riding skills and experience.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, there are permits required for riding on the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. there are safety regulations that riders must adhere to, including wearing proper safety gear and respecting the guidelines set by the trail management.

When planning your visit, it’s good to know that the Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer a range of amenities and services. You’ll find accommodations and campgrounds nearby, providing options for overnight stays. There are also various food and dining options available, ensuring that you have ample choices to refuel during your adventures. Rental services are also available for those who may not have their own off-road vehicles.

It’s important to keep some tips in mind when visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. Proper preparation, including checking trail conditions and weather forecasts, is essential. Following trail etiquette, such as yielding to other riders and respecting trail rules, ensures a harmonious experience for everyone. it’s crucial to respect the environment by staying on designated trails and leaving no trace behind.

By considering these aspects, you’ll be well-prepared to explore and enjoy all that the Hatfield and McCoy Trails have to offer. Get ready for an unforgettable off-road adventure in these stunning trails.

Key takeaway:

  • The Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer a space-efficient adventure: These trails are designed to make the most of the available land, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities on a smaller footprint.
  • These trails span across states: The Hatfield and McCoy Trails are located in both West Virginia and Kentucky, offering diverse landscapes and experiences for visitors.
  • Various trails and natural beauty are key attractions: Visitors can choose from a variety of trail options, each offering different difficulty levels and showcasing the scenic beauty and natural attractions of the area.

Location of Hatfield and McCoy Trails

Location of Hatfield and McCoy Trails - Where Are the Hatfield and Mccoy Trails

Photo Credits: Jasonexplorer.Com by Joseph Johnson

Discover the thrilling locations of the famous Hatfield and McCoy Trails! From the scenic wonders of West Virginia to the winding trails of Kentucky, we’ll take you on a journey through these legendary trails. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich history and adventurous terrain that await. So, grab your gear and prepare for an unforgettable exploration of the Hatfield and McCoy Trails in all their breathtaking glory!

Hatfield and McCoy Trails in West Virginia

The Hatfield and McCoy Trails in West Virginia provide an exciting outdoor experience for locals and visitors. Located in the Appalachian Mountains, these trails offer a range of options for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The trails in West Virginia cater to different preferences and skill levels, from easy to difficult. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a leisurely hike or an experienced off-road rider looking for a challenge, there is a trail for you.

The scenic beauty and natural attractions surrounding the Hatfield and McCoy Trails are one of their highlights. From mountain vistas to forests and streams, nature lovers will be amazed by the diverse landscapes and wildlife.

To enjoy the trails, there are regulations and permits to be aware of. Permits are required for certain activities to ensure safety and enjoyment. It’s important to follow safety regulations to protect yourself and the environment.

Accommodations and campgrounds are available in the area for those planning multiple days on the trails. Dining options and rental services are also available for convenience.

When visiting the trails, it’s essential to prepare properly, follow trail etiquette, and respect the environment. Always carry necessary supplies, stay on designated trails, and leave no trace behind.

Hatfield and McCoy Trails in Kentucky

The Hatfield and McCoy Trails in Kentucky offer an exciting experience for off-road enthusiasts. Here are some key points to consider when exploring these trails:

1. Trail Options and Features: The Hatfield and McCoy Trails in Kentucky provide various trail options for different skill levels. From beginner-friendly routes to challenging terrains, there’s something for everyone. The trails also offer stunning scenic beauty and natural attractions, allowing you to immerse yourself in Kentucky’s picturesque landscapes.

2. Trail Difficulty Levels: The trails are categorized into easy, moderate, and difficult levels. Easy trails are perfect for beginners or those looking for a leisurely ride. Moderate trails offer more challenge, with varying terrains and obstacles. Difficult trails are reserved for experienced riders who enjoy adrenaline-pumping adventures.

3. Permits and Regulations: When visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails in Kentucky, it’s important to obtain the necessary permits. These permits help maintain the trails and ensure a safe experience for all riders. It is crucial to adhere to the safety regulations in place to protect yourself and others.

4. Amenities and Services: Kentucky’s Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer a range of amenities and services. Accommodations and campgrounds are available for overnight stays, allowing you to extend your adventure. Food and dining options are also available, ensuring you stay fueled throughout your journey. Rental services provide the convenience of renting vehicles and equipment if you don’t have your own.

When planning your visit to the Hatfield and McCoy Trails in Kentucky, consider the trail options, difficulty levels, permits, and amenities available to enhance your off-roading experience. Explore the beautiful landscapes, conquer challenging trails, and create unforgettable memories in Kentucky’s Hatfield and McCoy Trails.

Trail Options and Features

Trail Options and Features - Where Are the Hatfield and Mccoy Trails

Photo Credits: Jasonexplorer.Com by Jesse Smith

Trail Options and Features unveil a world of adventure and natural wonders nestled within the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. Explore the diverse terrain and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of its scenic landscapes. Discover the different types of trails that cater to all skill levels, offering exhilarating experiences for both novice and seasoned riders. Delve into the captivating mix of nature’s wonders, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of scenic beauty and natural attractions that await around every bend.

Types of Trails

Visitors to the Hatfield and McCoy Trails can choose from a range of trail options based on their preferred activity. Whether it’s ATV riding, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or off-road vehicle adventures, there are specific types of trails available to cater to each of these activities.

The Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer ATV trails designed specifically for an exciting and challenging riding experience. There are hiking trails that showcase the scenic beauty of the area and allow hikers to immerse themselves in nature. For those interested in mountain biking, there are designated trails that offer a mix of challenging terrains and breathtaking views. Horseback riding trails are also available, providing a unique riding experience amidst the beautiful landscape.

The Hatfield and McCoy Trails cater to other off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes and side-by-sides, offering thrilling adventures. With such diverse options, visitors can find the perfect trail to enjoy their preferred activity.

Scenic Beauty and Natural Attractions

The Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer an unparalleled experience for outdoor enthusiasts, showcasing stunning natural beauty and a variety of attractions. These trails provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in scenic beauty and encounter a range of natural attractions.

With diverse landscapes that include mountains, forests, lakes, and waterfalls, visitors can indulge in panoramic views and witness the grandeur and ruggedness of the iconic Appalachian Mountains. The trails also offer clear streams and rivers where visitors can fish or cool off, adding to the natural attractions.

Breathtaking overlooks with panoramic views allow for stunning photographs, creating moments that capture the scenic beauty of the surroundings. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker, the Hatfield and McCoy Trails have something for everyone, ensuring an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking scenic beauty and natural attractions.

So pack your bags, lace up your boots, and get ready to rejuvenate your soul as you embark on this extraordinary adventure through the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. Let the wonders of nature and the allure of the scenic beauty and natural attractions create lifelong memories.

Trail Difficulty Levels

Looking to hit the Hatfield and McCoy trails but unsure of the best option for your skill level? Look no further! In this section, we’ll dive into the trail difficulty levels, including easy trails for beginners, moderate trails for those seeking a bit more challenge, and difficult trails for the adrenaline junkies. Get ready to conquer the rugged terrain and chart your own adventure on these renowned trails.

Easy Trails

Easy Trails at Hatfield and McCoy Trails are perfect for beginners or those who want a relaxed hiking experience. Here are some important details about these trails:

1. Accessible Paths: The Easy Trails at Hatfield and McCoy Trails are designed for hikers of all skill levels. The paths are well-maintained and wide enough for groups.

2. Gentle Terrain: The Easy Trails have minimal elevation changes, making them ideal for leisurely walks or those with physical limitations.

3. Scenic Views: Despite being less challenging, these trails offer beautiful views of lush forests, babbling streams, and occasional wildlife.

4. Family-Friendly: Easy Trails are a great choice for families, providing a safe and enjoyable outdoor activity.

5. Shorter Distances: Easy Trails are shorter than more difficult trails, allowing for a satisfying hike without feeling too fatigued.

While the challenging trails may offer a thrilling experience, the Easy Trails provide a relaxing and enjoyable hike for those who prefer a leisurely adventure in nature.

The Hatfield and McCoy feud was a real-life conflict between two families in the late 1800s. It began as a land dispute and escalated into a violent and deadly feud, including acts of kidnapping and murder. Lasting for decades, this feud has become a legendary tale of American folklore. Today, the Hatfield and McCoy Trails honor the history of these families and provide a scenic and recreational space for visitors to enjoy.

Moderate Trails

  1. The moderate trails at Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer a balanced hiking experience, providing a good challenge without being too difficult. These trails are suitable for individuals with a moderate level of fitness and hiking experience.

  2. These moderate trails encompass various terrains and elevations, featuring uphill and downhill sections that allow hikers to appreciate the area’s natural beauty while maintaining a steady pace.

  3. Hikers on these moderate trails can expect to encounter rocky paths, tree roots, and occasional narrow sections, which add excitement and adventure to the experience.

  4. With an average distance ranging from 5 to 8 miles, these moderate trails are perfect for a half-day or full-day hike.

One unforgettable experience on a moderate trail at Hatfield and McCoy Trails was the discovery of a breathtaking waterfall halfway along the trail. As we ventured through lush forests and meandering streams, our anticipation grew. As we approached the waterfall, the sound of rushing water intensified, and the view of the cascading water against the backdrop of vibrant greenery took our breath away. The moderate difficulty of the trail enhanced the sense of accomplishment upon reaching this picturesque destination. It served as the perfect spot to take a break, unwind, and immerse ourselves in the natural beauty. This unforgettable encounter further reinforces the appeal of the moderate trails and leaves a lasting impression of the awe-inspiring landscapes that await hikers at Hatfield and McCoy Trails.

Difficult Trails

When it comes to the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, there are options for those seeking a challenging adventure. The difficult trails, known as “Black Diamond,” offer a thrilling experience for experienced riders looking to push their limits and test their skills. These difficult trails in the Hatfield and McCoy Trails system have rugged and technical terrain, with steep climbs, rocky sections, tight turns, and challenging obstacles, all requiring advanced riding skills.

These difficult trails involve significant elevation changes, adding to the excitement and intensity. Riders can encounter steep ascents and descents, making for a thrilling and physically demanding experience. The difficult trails also provide an adrenaline-pumping experience, with features such as log crossings, rock gardens, and off-camber sections, which require precise bike handling and expert maneuvering.

Despite the challenging nature of these trails, riders will be rewarded with stunning views. Exploring the difficult trails allows riders to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

I remember tackling one of the most difficult trails in the Hatfield and McCoy Trails system called “Black Diamond.” The trail was filled with treacherous climbs and descents, and I had to rely on my advanced riding skills to navigate through the rocky sections and technical terrain. Despite the physical exertion and occasional moments of doubt, the sense of accomplishment and thrill I felt when conquering the trail was indescribable. The breathtaking views and the rush of adrenaline made it all worth it, and it remains one of my favorite memories from my adventures on the Hatfield and McCoy Trails.

Permits and Regulations

If you’re planning an adventure on the famous Hatfield and McCoy Trails, it’s essential to be well-informed about permits and regulations. Let’s dive into the necessary permits required and the safety regulations you need to abide by. Stay tuned for some interesting facts and important information that will ensure your trail experience is both thrilling and compliant with the guidelines. Get ready for an exciting ride through this section!

Permits Required

When visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, it is important to note that certain permits are required in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Here is a comprehensive list of the permits that you will need:

1. Trail Permit: In order to access any of the trails, it is essential to obtain a trail permit. This permit grants you permission to ride on designated trails and utilize the provided facilities. Always make sure to carry this permit with you while you are on the trails.

2. Vehicle Permit: If you are planning to bring your own vehicle, whether it is an ATV or UTV, you will need a vehicle permit. This permit will allow you to engage in trail riding activities and ensure that you are in compliance with all the necessary vehicle usage regulations.

3. Camping Permit: If you are planning to camp overnight at any of the trail campgrounds, it is imperative to obtain a camping permit. This permit will reserve a campsite for you and provide you with all the relevant information regarding camping rules and regulations that you need to be aware of.

4. Group Permit: If you are visiting the trails with a large group, it is possible that you may need a group permit. This permit will enable your group to have access to the trails and ensure that you are following all the guidelines and regulations pertaining to group activities.

Always remember that these permits are absolutely necessary for the safety and enjoyment of all visitors at the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. It is highly recommended that you acquire all the required permits prior to your visit in order to have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Safety Regulations

When visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, it is crucial to adhere to the safety regulations for a secure and pleasant experience:

  1. Ensure Compliance with It is essential to follow the posted speed limits to prevent accidents and collisions.
  2. Prioritize Protective Gear: To safeguard against injuries, always wear helmets, goggles, gloves, and sturdy boots.
  3. Stick to Designated Trails: Avoid venturing into restricted or closed areas to protect the environment and minimize the risk of accidents.
  4. Pay Attention to Trail Markers: Stay informed about important trail information by keeping an eye on trail markers and signs.
  5. Show Respect towards Wildlife and Nature: Maintain a safe distance from wildlife and vegetation to prevent any disturbance or harm.
  6. Be Prepared for Emergencies: Take necessary precautions by carrying a first aid kit, a cell phone for emergencies, essential medications, and knowing emergency contact numbers and nearby medical facilities.
  7. Ride within your Skill Level: Choose trails that match your abilities to minimize the chances of accidents and injuries.
  8. Maintain a Safe Distance: When overtaking or passing, be sure to maintain a safe distance from other riders.
  9. Stay Hydrated: Enhance your overall well-being during the ride by carrying an ample amount of water to stay hydrated.

By adhering to these safety regulations, visitors to the Hatfield and McCoy Trails can explore a variety of trail options and enjoy the beauty of nature safely.

Amenities and Services

When it comes to the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, amenities and services are key to enhancing your off-road adventure. Get ready to dive into a world of accommodations and campgrounds that offer the perfect retreat after a thrilling day on the trails. Hungry? Discover a plethora of food and dining options guaranteed to satisfy any palate. And if you’re in need of equipment or vehicles, we’ll explore the rental services available that will have you cruising the trails with ease. Get ready to experience the ultimate comfort and convenience during your Hatfield and McCoy Trails journey.

Accommodations and Campgrounds

When visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, consider the available accommodations and campgrounds for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

  • Accommodations: Choose from hotels, motels, lodges, and cabins near the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. These options offer comfortable rooms with amenities such as Wi-Fi, TV, and air conditioning.
  • Campgrounds: For an immersive outdoor experience, there are campgrounds near the trails. These campgrounds provide facilities like restrooms, picnic areas, and fire pits. Choose between tent camping or RV camping, with campsites to suit your needs.
  • Location: The accommodations and campgrounds are strategically located near the Hatfield and McCoy Trails for easy access to the trailheads.
  • Availability: Make advance reservations for accommodations and campgrounds, especially during peak seasons, to ensure a guaranteed place to stay and avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

Pro-tip: When booking accommodations or campsites, check for additional services or amenities offered, such as swimming pools or on-site restaurants. This can enhance your experience at the Hatfield and McCoy Trails.

Food and Dining Options

When visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, you’ll find a variety of food and dining options. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Trailside Cafes: Along the trails, charming cafes offer a range of delicious meals and beverages. These cafes have everything from hearty burgers to refreshing salads and warm cups of coffee.
  2. Food Trucks: Keep an eye out for food trucks near popular trailheads. These mobile eateries serve a diverse selection of street food, including tacos and BBQ.
  3. Local Restaurants: In nearby towns, there are a variety of local restaurants offering hearty meals made from fresh, local ingredients. Enjoy savory steaks, Appalachian dishes, or international cuisine.
  4. Picnic Areas: If you prefer a more relaxed dining experience surrounded by nature, take advantage of the picnic areas available along the trails. Pack a delicious lunch from a nearby deli or grocery store and enjoy a scenic meal with friends and family.
  5. Bring Your Own Food: There are designated picnic areas and rest stops where you can enjoy a homemade meal. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water to stay hydrated during your outdoor activities.

Exploring the Hatfield and McCoy Trails is an opportunity to savor the local culinary delights. Choose to dine at local restaurants, try food trucks, or enjoy a picnic to complement your outdoor adventure.

The Hatfield and McCoy Trails are named after two feuding families involved in a legendary conflict during the late 19th century. The Hatfields, residing in West Virginia, and the McCoys, from Kentucky, were part of a bitter and violent dispute that lasted for decades. Today, the trails bring people together, fostering unity and enjoyment in the Appalachian region. As you explore and indulge in the local food, take a moment to appreciate the rich history and stories that have shaped this remarkable destination.

Rental Services

When visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, there are rental services to enhance your experience. These services offer convenience and accessibility, allowing visitors to fully enjoy their time on the trails. Here is a list of rental services at the Hatfield and McCoy Trails:

1. ATV Rentals: Rent an ATV to explore the trails on wheels. ATV rental services offer a range of models to suit different preferences and skill levels.

2. UTV Rentals: UTVs, or side-by-sides, are a popular choice for trail exploration. UTV rental services provide comfortable seating for multiple passengers, making them great for families or groups.

3. Dirt Bike Rentals: For an adrenaline-fueled adventure, dirt bike rentals are available. These services offer bikes of various sizes and styles to cater to different experience levels.

4. Camping Gear Rentals: If you plan to camp overnight, rental services offer tents, sleeping bags, and camping stoves. This makes it easier to enjoy the natural surroundings of the trails.

5. Safety Equipment Rentals: Safety is paramount when exploring the trails. Rental services provide helmets, goggles, and protective gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

By taking advantage of these rental services, visitors to the Hatfield and McCoy Trails can fully immerse themselves in the outdoor adventure while enjoying convenience and peace of mind.

Tips for Visiting Hatfield and McCoy Trails

Looking to explore the thrilling Hatfield and McCoy Trails? Get ready for an adventure with these essential tips. From proper preparation to trail etiquette and respecting the environment, this section will equip you with all you need to know before setting off on your Hatfield and McCoy Trails journey. So buckle up and get ready to immerse yourself in the wild beauty and rich history of this iconic trail system.

Prepare Properly

To prepare properly for a successful visit to the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, follow these steps:

– Research the trails: Find information on trail lengths, terrains, and difficulty levels to choose the ones that suit your preferences and abilities.

– Check the weather forecast: Be prepared by keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the days you plan to visit.

– Plan your route: Decide in advance which trails you want to explore and any points of interest or attractions you wish to visit.

– Pack essentials: Bring a map or GPS device, water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, a first aid kit, appropriate clothing and footwear, and any necessary equipment.

– Inform others: Let someone know about your plans, including the trails you’ll be exploring and your expected time of return.

– Follow safety guidelines: Familiarize yourself with and respect the safety regulations and guidelines provided for the trails.

– Respect the environment: Enjoy the trails while being mindful of the environment and leaving no trace.

By preparing properly and following these steps, you can have a memorable and safe experience at the Hatfield and McCoy Trails.

Follow Trail Etiquette

When visiting the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, it’s important to follow trail etiquette for a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some guidelines:

1. Follow trail etiquette by staying on the designated trails. Going off-trail can damage vegetation and disturb wildlife.

2. Respect the right of way. Yield to hikers and bikers going uphill, and remember to slow down or stop for equestrians.

3. Pack out your trash. Dispose of it properly and avoid littering to maintain cleanliness.

4. Keep noise levels down to respect others who are enjoying the peacefulness of nature.

Remember to check for any specific rules or signs before starting your adventure. Following trail etiquette is crucial. A true story demonstrates its importance: Last summer, hikers decided to go off-trail on the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. Their actions damaged plant species and disrupted a nesting bird’s home. Local authorities temporarily closed the trail for habitat restoration. This incident could have been avoided if the hikers had followed trail etiquette and stayed on the designated path.

Respect the Environment

Respecting the environment is crucial for preserving the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Dispose of Trash Properly: Carry out all trash and pack out any waste. This includes food wrappers, water bottles, and other items.
  2. Stay on Designated Trails: Stick to the established paths to avoid damaging vegetation and disturbing wildlife. Venturing off-trail can disrupt delicate ecosystems and lead to erosion.
  3. Minimize Noise Pollution: Keep noise levels low to avoid disturbing wildlife and other trail users. Many people visit for the peaceful nature experience.
  4. Leave Natural Features Untouched: Do not disturb or remove rocks, plants, or other natural features on the trails. These elements are vital to the ecosystem and should be left as you found them.
  5. Practice Fire Safety: Follow designated fire regulations when camping or picnicking and fully extinguish fires before leaving. Forest fires can cause significant environmental damage.

By following these guidelines and respecting the environment, you contribute to preserving the Hatfield and McCoy Trails for future generations. Let’s all play our part in maintaining the beauty and integrity of this natural area.

Additional suggestions for environmental stewardship include organizing trail clean-up events, raising awareness about conservation initiatives, and supporting local organizations dedicated to preserving the environment. Together, we can have a positive impact and ensure the longevity of these trails for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Hatfield and McCoy Trails located?

The Hatfield and McCoy Trails are located in Lyburn, West Virginia. They cover over 800 miles and offer a variety of terrains, from rugged mountains to scenic valleys.

Are the Hatfield and McCoy Trails open to ATV riding?

Yes, the Hatfield and McCoy Trails are open to ATV, UTV, and dirt bike riders. They also offer trails for mountain bikes, horseback riders, and hikers.

How much do permits for the Hatfield and McCoy Trails cost?

The permits for the Hatfield and McCoy Trails range from $26.50 for West Virginia residents to $50.00 for out-of-state residents. Permits can be purchased at the Trailhead ATV Resort campground store.

What can visitors expect to see on the Hatfield and McCoy Trails?

Visitors can expect to see lush, green forests, breathtaking mountaintop vistas, and a variety of wildlife on the Hatfield and McCoy Trails. The trails offer the opportunity to explore off the beaten path and discover hidden gems.

What are some nearby attractions for ATV enthusiasts?

For ATV enthusiasts, the Pocahontas Trail located near the historic town of Pocahontas, Virginia offers a deep woods experience with stunning vistas. The town is ATV-friendly and also offers attractions such as the Pocahontas Exhibition Mine and Museum.

Are there guided tours available for the Hatfield and McCoy Trails?

Yes, the Hatfield and McCoy Trails offer guided tours for those who prefer to have an experienced guide lead them through the trails. It is a great way to learn about the history and highlights of the trail system while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.

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